School uniform

At Wheeler we expect all our children to wear uniform and this from Steady School Wear using the link below.

Order you uniform here! – Steady School Wear

Uniform can be ordered and delivered to your home, the school office or collected from Steady School Wear’s shop.

It helps if all items of clothing have a name tag inside so that lost items can be returned to their owners.

Grey/black pinafore dress

Grey/black skirt or trousers

Polo shirt/shirt

Royal blue sweatshirt/cardigan

Checked or striped dress (if preferred in Summer)
Grey/black trousers

Grey/black shorts

Polo shirt/shirt

Royal blue sweatshirt

We do have a selection of second-hand uniform for sale. All second hand items are still very good quality.

Children should not wear jewellery to school. This helps avoid accidents and loss.

The only jewellery permitted are stud earrings and a watch.

*Earrings must be removed for P.E and Swimming lessons.

P.E. Kits

As a school we provide each child with a P.E. kit. This is made up of  T-shirt and shorts however children should have suitable footwear (trainers/sandshoes) and have an outdoor kit if requested for colder weather.

The teachers are so supportive they help and guide you all the way through the year

Children's comments

Throughout my time at Wheeler, I have been given so many opportunities to experience and learn new things

Children's comments

I think the best thing about being a Wheeler pupil is that all of the staff listen and care about you

Children's comments

Being at Wheeler is like being part of a family and that makes learning fun

Children's comments

Everyone cares for each other and that every teacher adds a little bit of fun into every lesson

Children's comments

The best thing is having someone to go to when you’re upset

Children's comments

The staff are really encouraging. They always help us to be the best we can be

Children's comments