Yellow Room

The Yellow Room provides care and a homely environment for our youngest of children; children aged between 0-2 years will access the provision within this room.

The room is made up of 2 main areas; in these areas we provide a variety of learning opportunities and experiences. The children are able to freely access a variety of areas including; a slide with stairs to encourage physical development to support children in developing crawling and walking skills, an easel for large mark making opportunities, water or sand play, a home corner, a book area and a sensory den. These areas will be developed and extended to follow and acknowledge individual children’s interests.

The children also have access to the outside provision daily, with the older children being able to choose if they play inside or out. We also try to get out in to the community as much as possible using our 6 seater pram and triple buggies! We also use our ‘Walkodile’ for the older children.

The sleep area is based within the Yellow Room, we have a selection of cots, rocker chairs and beds that the children are able to sleep in. The children’s keyworker will discuss with you to understand your preferred sleeping arrangement for your child. The bedding is changed after every use to ensure good hygiene practices are adhered to.

Staff use Tapestry to inform parents of their child’s day. This is in the form of a ‘daily diary’ observation. These are completed and sent every day that your child attends nursery. You are able to comment on the dairy via Tapestry too. This diary observation will include all aspects of your child’s day in nursery, including eating/drinking/sleeping/nappy changes and of course all details of al the fun activities they have engaged in during the day.

Practitioners are also responsible for their own key group of children, and will observe the children, documenting their learning whilst continuing to promote their individual next steps.

Practitioners plan stimulating activities to engage children, differentiating them to individual children’s needs and development.

The practitioners within the Yellow Room work hard to communicate and work with parents to ensure the individual children’s routines are adhered to as best as possible within the setting, such as milk feeds and sleep times.

“Thank you for helping me to learn and grow, giving me cuddles when I cried, sharing my joys when I did something for the first time. Thank you for always making me feel safe and loved and my mummy says Thank you for helping to raise me!”



“Thank you so much for making me feel so comfortable and welcome during my lunchtime feeds with Anna. You made the transition back to work much easier and I couldn’t have chosen a better group of ladies to leave her with each day. We both look forward to her time still to come in the Yellow Room.”

Laura and Anna


“Thank you so much for all you have done for both Arthur and Stanley. You have cared for them through the tears and tantrums and breath holding! Stanley has had such an amazing time here and it was through your dedication and care and support. It is sad that he is leaving but I am sure he will settle in his new nursery because of the confidence and skills you have given him. Thank you!”

Nikki and Mike