Year 4 Curriculum

Welcome back to school and welcome to Year 4!

Our curriculum will have lots of Reading, Writing and Maths opportunities, but our topic this term will be ‘Conflict and Resolution’. We will be finding out about what life was like for children during World War 2.

Thank you for sending in the fabulous Anderson shelters which were created over the summer holidays. They are currently displayed in the classroom.

Please encourage your child to bring their book bag every day. Three reads a week, signed by an adult, earns the title “Regular Reader” and we are aiming for 100% across both classes.

An important event in Year 4 is the national Times Table Test. All children in Year 4 are expected to know and recall all times tables up to and including 12 x 12. The test requires them to answer online questions at speed. Please help your child to learn their times tables so that they will be prepared for this test in June.

This website can help.

PE lessons will take place on a Wednesday (4W) and Friday (4R). Please make sure that your child has an outdoor PE kit (including suitable footwear) in school as we will take full advantage of good weather.

Spellings remain a focus and your child will bring their spellings home each week on Monday, to learn ready for a spelling test on Friday.

Homework will be sent home each Friday. Please encourage your child to complete the tasks, returning them to school the following week.

Merits will be awarded each week, so keep an eye out for a special certificate coming home with your child.

We look forward to the journey ahead of us,

Mr Richards (4R) and Miss Williams (4W)

Further information:

I think the best thing about being a Wheeler pupil is that all of the staff listen and care about you

Children's comments

Everyone cares for each other and that every teacher adds a little bit of fun into every lesson

Children's comments

The staff are really encouraging. They always help us to be the best we can be

Children's comments

The best thing is having someone to go to when your upset

Children's comments

Being at Wheeler is like being part of a family and that makes learning fun

Children's comments

The teachers are so supportive they help and guide you all the way through the year

Children's comments

Throughout my time at Wheeler, I have been given so many opportunities to experience and learn new things

Children's comments