PSHE – curriculum information

Modern British Values

• Restorative practice values – problem solving

• School/class charters

• Direct teaching through the curriculum

• Year 5 London visit to Parliament

• Vision and values

• Enterprise education

• Children involved in parent consults (‘with’ not ‘to’)

• A pupil in each class will presented with a ‘Pupil of the Week’ award in Merit Assembly each week which is done by votes each week.

• Pupils contribute and shape school policies and procedures.

• House and Vice House Captains


• Restorative practice circles

• Mini Police

• Prison Me, No Way

• Behaviour policy

• Classroom/school rules
High expectations and clear boundaries

• Bikeability (safety and road rules)

• Visits from community leaders (police, religions)

• Modelling upstanding behaviour

• Cross-cultural law and acceptance through R.E. and PSHE

• Social rules –sporting/friendship/class

• Accessibility Policy

• Celebration of different festivals e.g. Harvest, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Diwali, Eid etc.)

• Visits to places of worship carefully woven in to the RW curriculum.

• International languages day

• Disability equality

• Local, national and global charity work

• Circles to reflect assemblies and reflection time based on world events/current topical issues

• SEAL – Jigsaw


• E/Safety

• R.W. curriculum

• Sports day competitions

• Christian Values

• Restorative practice – circles/reflection

• Specific visits to places of worship

• Marking policy – peer-critique

• Parent consultations

• Class charters

• BRILL values

• Bag for Life

• Family Phase events

• Class charters

• School and class rules

• Class monitors/school jobs and responsibilities

• Pupil voice – circle time, feelings

• Homework and home reading

• Restorative practice – circles, community building and reflection

• Pre-planning – following children’s interests

• Sports competitions

• ‘Can do’ ethos

• Commitment to extra-curricular activities

• Sports teams

• Keeping ourselves/others safe

• BRILL value

• Bag for Life

• Groundforce events

Further information:

Pupils are excited about adding experiences to their ‘Bag for Life’.

Ofsted comments

Pupils are proud to be part of the Wheeler family.

Ofsted comments

The pastoral team works well together to ensure that pupils are safe.

Ofsted comments

Parents say that the school is ‘fantastic’ and that staff ‘greet the children come hail, rain or shine’ every morning as they arrive.

Ofsted comments

There are
opportunities for pupils to attend different clubs and raise funds for charities

Ofsted comments

I think the best thing about being a Wheeler pupil is that all of the staff listen and care about you

Children's comments

Pupils report that bullying is rare, but if it happens, staff will sort it out quickly and fairly.

Ofsted comments

It is a safe and happy place to learn.

Ofsted comments

Pupils in key stage 2 talk confidently about a wide range of authors and texts they have read.

Ofsted comments

Classrooms are calm and purposeful places for pupils to learn.

Ofsted comments

Pupils are encouraged to develop a positive attitude towards themselves and others.

Ofsted comments

Leaders give pupils the opportunity to complete well-planned and exciting
activities, such as performing in front of an audience, in order to create a ‘bag’ full of life experiences as they progress through the school. .

Ofsted comments

The support that leaders provide for families is a strength of the school.

Ofsted comments

Pupils take books home which contain the sounds that they are learning in class. This gives them plenty of practice.

Ofsted comments

Leaders are passionate about preparing pupils to be good citizens for the world beyond Wheeler Primary School

Ofsted comments

The best thing is having someone to go to when you’re upset

Children's comments

They want pupils to ‘Be Respectful, Responsible and Resilient in Learning and Life’

Ofsted comments

Leaders have designed and implemented an ambitious and well-planned curriculum.

Ofsted comments

Pupils enjoy coming to Wheeler Primary School every day.

Ofsted comments

Leaders and teachers have high expectations for every child.

Ofsted comments

Everyone cares for each other and that every teacher adds a little bit of fun into every lesson

Children's comments

The teachers are so supportive they help and guide you all the way through the year

Children's comments

Throughout my time at Wheeler, I have been given so many opportunities to experience and learn new things

Children's comments

Being at Wheeler is like being part of a family and that makes learning fun

Children's comments

The school has made recent changes to the teaching
of phonics to help pupils get off to the best start with their reading.

Ofsted comments

The leader’s vision for the school is demonstrated in the way pupils behave

Ofsted comments

The staff are really encouraging. They always help us to be the best we can be

Children's comments