The Wheeler Way – Curriculum INTENT

A meaningful curriculum that challenges and excites children by creating a community of social, confident learners who understand how they can contribute to a better world for themselves and others.

In a world that is rapidly changing, children need to become active and competent learners. Finite knowledge in itself is not sufficient to equip them for the world of tomorrow.

The subject pillars are:

  • A consistent and progressive approach to the teaching of basic skills

  • Active ‘change makers’ that are trained to lead and are restorative, responsible and respectful

  • A curriculum that promotes and educates for a healthy mind and body

  • Themes that are relevant, open doors and eyes to the wider world and allow for exposure to first hand and real experiences

  • A curriculum that prepares children for their next step on their journeys and equips them to become positive members of our community and wider society

Our curriculum

At Wheeler Primary School our values permeate all areas of school life and are reflected by the school’s simple motto ‘BRILL’ this stands for – Being Respectful, Responsible and Resilient in Learning and Life. We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which inspires children and allows them to become immersed in a topic while ensuring that there is a clear progression of knowledge and skills across the school.

We strive to make our children passionate learners and make their learning as enjoyable, meaningful and relevant as possible. We offer children an excellent education in a safe, calm, creative, inclusive and stimulating environment. Every child is valued as an individual; we aim to nurture well rounded, respectful and confident children who will develop skills for life-long learning. We nurture our children on their journey and encourage them to be creative, unique, open-minded and independent individuals, respectful of themselves and of others in our school, our local community and the wider world. We take our responsibility to prepare children for life in modern Britain and ensure that the fundamental British Values are introduced, discussed and lived out through the ethos and work of our school.

Our curriculum promotes respect for the views of each individual child, as well as for people of all cultures. We value the spiritual and moral development of each person, as well as their intellectual and physical growth. We organise our curriculum so that we promote co-operation and understanding between all members of our community.

The curriculum is all the planned activities that we as a school organise in order to promote learning, personal growth and development. It includes, not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, but also the range of extra-curricular activities that the school organises in order to enrich the experiences of our children. It also includes the ‘hidden curriculum’, or what the children learn from the way they are treated and expected to behave. As a restorative school we aim to teach children how to grow into positive, responsible people, who can work and cooperate with others, whilst developing knowledge, skills and attitudes to learning, in order that they achieve their true potential.

Throughout my time at Wheeler, I have been given so many opportunities to experience and learn new things

Children's comments

The staff are really encouraging. They always help us to be the best we can be

Children's comments

Everyone cares for each other and that every teacher adds a little bit of fun into every lesson

Children's comments

Being at Wheeler is like being part of a family and that makes learning fun

Children's comments

The teachers are so supportive they help and guide you all the way through the year

Children's comments

The best thing is having someone to go to when you’re upset

Children's comments

I think the best thing about being a Wheeler pupil is that all of the staff listen and care about you

Children's comments