Meals and Refreshments

Little Treasures promotes a healthy balanced diet within the setting, we also promote good hygiene practices with the children such as hand washing before eating.

We will cater for children with special dietary needs and requirements and vegetarians, to ensure all children are included and feel valued. Please speak to a member of staff regarding this.

We do not provide breakfast but will accommodate it if you bring appropriate breakfast such as cereal or fruit for your child to eat at nursery.

The children are given a hot lunch and pudding daily, which are lovingly prepared by the Rainbow Centre Cafe; these meals are all home cooked tasty meals which the children (and staff) love! The children sit together within their rooms to eat, and positive social skills, table manners and the use of cutlery is encouraged. However, we will follow home practices with regard to weaning; such as Baby Led Weaning; please speak to your child’s Keyworker if appropriate.

Week 1
MealMince CobblerSausage CasseroleRoast DinnerSpaghetti BologneseFish cakes, beans and potato wedges/ mash
DessertRice pudding and jamVanilla sponge and custard Angel whipBananas and custardJelly and ice cream
Week 2
MealCottage PieChicken pie mash and vegRoast DinnerPasta JumbleFish fingers, beans and potato wedges/ mash
DessertChocolate chip sponge and custardJam sponge and custardBananas and custardAngel WhipAssorted yoghurt

We provide a light tea daily, the whole nursery often come together at this time to enjoy eating together, and again social skills and table manners are practiced and encouraged.

Beans and/or spaghetti on toastSandwichesBagel with or without cream cheeseSandwichesCrackers for Blue Room and Crumpets for Yellow Room.

The children are offered morning and afternoon snack; the morning snack (10am) consists of toast and milk or water, and the afternoon snack (2pm) is fruit, salad sticks or the occasional biscuit with milk or water. The Yellow Room children sit in their chairs for snack, whilst Blue Room children go into 2 groups and eat their snack after completing a ‘Stories for Talking’ activity.

Fresh water is on offer for all children throughout the day from our ‘Water Stations’.

Birthdays are usually celebrated during snack times; the children and staff will sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the child and if a birthday cake has been brought in it is usually shared at this time.

  • Please see a member of staff if your child has any dietary requirements or allergies.

“Both of our children have attended Little Treasures Nursery. They have had amazing care. As a parent you want to leave your children knowing they are safe and well cared for. Little Treasures definitely did this. Both Bella and Vincent made excellent progress academically whilst at nursery, and this has given them a great start to their education.

We will be sad to end our journey with Little Treasures at the end of this academic year.

Thank you to all the staff, present and past.”

Chloe & Hayden, January 2022


“Little treasures has been a part of our lives for the last 7 years. It’s a childcare provision that when you walk in, you get that sense of trust, reassurance and welcoming.

Both my girls loved & love nursery. Excited to go everyday, and that fills me so much of Joy. The ladies are like a part of our family. I can not thank them enough for making my life that little easier”

Hollie, January 2022


“The little treasures team work together to not only ensure the children feel safe and content, but that the caregivers are happy, accommodated and well informed of their children’s daily routine and progress. This reassurance is priceless”

Natalie, January 2022