Green Room

Green Room is based within our rooms at Wheeler Primary School. We use this room usually for our ‘Rising Threes’, these are the children that will be turning three that term, and will begin accessing their 3 year funding the following term.

We use this room as a transition room, to help children transition across from the Blue Room within the Rainbow Centre across to the Foundation 1 unit within Wheeler Primary School, where our children will access their 3 year funding.

These children enter the setting at the Rainbow Centre and walk across the playground with our Green Room practitioners, holding on to the walking rope.

The Green Room is smaller, has less children and up to 3 members of staff. The children are still able to access the same areas of provision as previously accessed in the Blue Room, such as the Home Corner, Construction Area, Sand, Water, Mathematical Area and Book Area, just on a smaller basis.

The practitioners within the Green Room promote further independence such as; hanging their own coats up on their own peg, putting on and taking off their own coat, going to toilet independently if toilet trained, and tidying up.

Small group activities are carried out such as adult led, ‘Stories for Talking’ and Activate. Children are encouraged to access the ‘Free Choice’ provision, selecting toys and resources as they wish. Children are encouraged to make marks, sing, dance, build and explore to develop their individual learning.

‘Stories for Talking’ is accessed within the Green Room, this is done twice daily, this helps to promote and develop all areas of communication and language development. Weekly homework sheets are sent home which correspond to the termly book for ‘Stories for Talking’. We display these sheets within the room when they are brought back.

Practitioners are also responsible for their own key group of children, and will observe the children, documenting their learning whilst continuing to promote their individual next steps.

Practitioners plan stimulating activities to engage children, differentiating them to individual children’s needs and development.

Staff create a ‘Tapestry’ journal for all new children and their existing journal is continued during their time in the Green room.

“Thank you so much for making me feel so comfortable and welcome during my lunchtime feeds with Anna. You made the transition back to work much easier and I couldn’t have chosen a better group of ladies to leave her with each day. We both look forward to her time still to come in the Yellow Room.”

Laura and Anna


“Thank you for helping me to learn and grow, giving me cuddles when I cried, sharing my joys when I did something for the first time. Thank you for always making me feel safe and loved and my mummy says Thank you for helping to raise me!”



“Thank you so much for all you have done for both Arthur and Stanley. You have cared for them through the tears and tantrums and breath holding! Stanley has had such an amazing time here and it was through your dedication and care and support. It is sad that he is leaving but I am sure he will settle in his new nursery because of the confidence and skills you have given him. Thank you!”

Nikki and Mike