Development Plan

Little Treasures supports and promotes Continuous Professional Development, both for the setting and for the staff.

Below is our Development Plan for this school year, it outlines areas of our provision and practice that we plan to develop further and improve over the coming year.

Development Plan for 2021/ 2022

• Covid bubbles to be closed but on-going Risk Assessment regarding ongoing pandemic.

• Whole team meeting regarding SEND provision in the classroom and implementation of ‘Stories for Talking’

• Complete and share with parents ‘Scheme of Work’ and include Mission Statement.

• Whole team discussion/workshop regarding planning and implementation of activities to incorporate Revised EYFS.

• Whole team evaluation of staffing, staff movement/rotation. 3 new members of staff to start in autumn term.

• To re-develop a small section of the garden.

• All staff to ‘exchange rooms’ for a day in order to observe colleagues and look at and share best practice.

• All staff to complete 20 hours of training (pro rata) during this school year.

• Paediatric First Aid to be renewed in August 22 for all staff.

• Training day on ‘Maths in the Environment’ – whole team training day in June 22.

• Introduce and implement ‘Talk Boost’ in the Green Room.

“Thank you so much for making me feel so comfortable and welcome during my lunchtime feeds with Anna. You made the transition back to work much easier and I couldn’t have chosen a better group of ladies to leave her with each day. We both look forward to her time still to come in the Yellow Room.”

Laura and Anna


“Thank you for helping me to learn and grow, giving me cuddles when I cried, sharing my joys when I did something for the first time. Thank you for always making me feel safe and loved and my mummy says Thank you for helping to raise me!”



“Little treasures has been a part of our lives for the last 7 years. It’s a childcare provision that when you walk in, you get that sense of trust, reassurance and welcoming.

Both my girls loved & love nursery. Excited to go everyday, and that fills me so much of Joy. The ladies are like apart of our family. I can not thank them enough for making my life that little easier”

Hollie, January 2022